Hassle Free Clinic is a community-based clinic providing medical and counselling services in all areas of sexual health. It is the largest anonymous HIV test site in Canada, and is one of the country’s busiest sexually transmitted infection (STI) clinics. The clinic strives to maintain an informal atmosphere, delivering services in a timely, non-bureaucratic manner. A fundamental principle of service delivery is a non-judgemental, supportive attitude to the treatment of sexual health concerns.

The clinic is incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization with a nine member community board of directors. The Board is responsible for overall financial and policy direction, in consultation with the staff.

Hassle Free is one organization, sharing the same premises but operating at different hours for men/trans clients and women/trans clients (Trans identified clients can attend wherever they feel most comfortable). The staff are responsible for administration, program development and service delivery. Each clinic is staffed by a medical director,  doctors and paramedic counsellors. A city of Toronto public health nurse is assigned to work during the Men/Trans clinic hours.

The women/trans clinic provides birth control, pregnancy testing, abortion referrals, STI and HIV testing and counselling and other services related to women’s sexual and reproductive health. The men/trans clinic specializes in STI and HIV testing and counselling. Testing is done at the ministry of health laboratory and through a private lab. Treatments for most STIs are free, and are provided by the Ministry.

The clinic is core-funded by the city of Toronto public health division, with additional staff funding from the provincial AIDS Bureau. Other funding sources are STI billing (a part of OHIP that does not require health cards) and donations.