This handout is for anyone with a cervix who is 30 years of age or older.

Please see PAP / Colposcopy info sheet for general info.

Paps and Cervical Screening:

The Pap test, which is cervical cancer screening, can detect early cell changes on the cervix caused by persistent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. These changes seldom cause any symptoms, but can progress to cancer if not found, and, if necessary, treated. Cervical cancer is preventable with appropriate screening and/or treatment.  If unsure, ask your doctor about what appropriate screening is for you. Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) is another type of testing, which may or may not be done at the same time as the Pap test.

 Optional HPV testing if you have an abnormal Pap test and are 30 years of age or older

 If you have a PAP test with an abnormal result of ASCUS (Atypical Squamous cells of Unknown Significance) and have never had an abnormal PAP test before, you are eligible to have your Pap sample checked for HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

This result alone is not indicating cervical cancer. Cervical cancer takes many years to develop.

What is the process if you want this test?

We will contact you and ask if you would like this additional HPV test.  The lab will then bill you directly for this specific test. The fee is $90. This test is not covered by OHIP. You do not need to submit another sample for this test, we will simply ask the lab to run this HPV screening on your behalf. Based on the results of this test, you will be advised to return to regular screening or we will refer you for further screening.

If you choose to not have this HPV test done, you will likely be asked to repeat your PAP test in 6 months, at which time we will follow the appropriated protocol set out by Cancer Care Ontario and advice you of the appropriate follow up.

Please note this OPT-IN test is only available to clients over 30 years of age who have a 1st time abnormal result of ASCUS.