The Hassle Free Clinic is happy to offer virtual care to patients in an attempt to assist in social distancing and reduce the need for unnecessary in-person visits. In general, everyone who needs our current set of services is eligible for a virtual care visit.

When are virtual care clinics offered and how do I book an appointment?

Virtual care visits are offered by appointment only. You will need access to a telephone and/or a device with a camera/microphone depending on the type of virtual visit (telephone with or without videoconferencing). Call the clinic at 416-922-0566 Monday to Friday 11 am – 4 pm and Saturdays 10 am – 2 pm, to be screened for eligibility for a virtual visit and for further instructions.

Who is eligible for the virtual care clinic?

Patients who have symptoms (i.e. pain, rash, discharge from the penis/vagina/anus, ulcers, etc) AND/OR who require refills or a new start of contraceptives AND/OR who need emergency contraceptive (i.e. Plan B), AND who screen POSITIVE in our respiratory illness screening questions,


Patients who have symptoms (i.e. pain, rash, discharge from the penis/vagina/anus, ulcers, etc) AND/OR who require refills of contraceptives AND/OR who need emergency contraceptive (i.e. Plan B), AND who would prefer a virtual care visit instead of in-person care


All patients MUST have access to a telephone (a videoconferencing device such as a laptop, tablet, or smart phone are preferred, although videoconferencing is not always necessary)

What happens on the day of my virtual clinic appointment?

If you were provided with a website link for voice/videoconferencing, you will log into the website provided by the clinic 10 minutes before your appointment time. The physician will then bring you into their virtual office for your appointment, which will start as a voice appointment and may be converted to a videoconference if you desire or if required for further assessment.

If you are having a telephone virtual appointment, the physician will call you at your designated appointment time. Please have your phone ready at least 5 minutes before your appointment.

For all virtual visits, ensure you are in a private place where no one can hear or see you to ensure your own confidentiality and privacy. The physician will be in a private office with no other staff allowed into the office during virtual encounters.

You will need to provide consent to the physician again once the encounter starts. If you do not consent at any time, the encounter will be terminated. You are always allowed to change your mind about consent.

Virtual encounters should last approximately 15 minutes.

How do I submit specimens/samples if required?

In an effort to reduce clinic traffic and promote social distancing, some patients who are seen in virtual care will be asked to provide specimens -if required- via self-collection (except bloodwork) during clinic hours. The doctor who sees you on virtual care will provide you with a time to arrive in clinic for specimen provision.

It is MANDATORY to wear a face mask, or any face covering if you are coming to Hassle Free (under the Mandatory Mask or Face Covering Bylaw)

You will need to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, and before entering the glass doors on Gerrard, you will need to call the front desk at 416-922-0566 to have a respiratory illness screen over the phone. If you screen negative, you will then be asked to come upstairs to the front door of the clinic where a staff member in personal protective equipment will take your temperature. If you do not have a fever, you will be allowed into clinic and provided with a small paper bag with specimen collection materials and instructions on how to self-collect. You will then perform self-collection of specimens and hand them back to the staff member.

If a treatment was recommended or prescribed by the physician, you will be provided with the medications/treatment in the paper bag with your specimen collection materials. Alternatively, you will have the option of having your prescription faxed to the pharmacy of your choice. If you do not have a pharmacy, the physician can fax your prescription to the Medsexpert pharmacy which has agreed to ship medications to patients in the GTA on the same day they are prescribed free-of-charge.

What are the benefits and risks of a virtual appointment?

Virtual clinic care is a wonderful method of providing services during such difficult times. Virtual appointments have many benefits and risks, so please read the following page before your virtual appointment to understand all the limitations and risks of virtual care .